Business Process Management (BPM)

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UPC School
...I am starting my professional career and focusing it towards the world of operations. That is why I decided to do a programme in BPM (Business Process Management) - a course that would enable me to bring skills to the launch of new products and strategies when considering an optimisation process. It has undoubtedly given me knowledge and know-how in the areas of operations, by means of an introduction to the general analysis and a global perspective on how this type of project is carried out, as well as the main topics covered in the discipline of BPM, in a large company like IBM; both from the point of view of planning and estimating the work required in a project of this type, and also for the documentation necessary which is extracted from a process with these dimensions using IBM's specific tool BlueWorksLive...

Jorge Parellada Engineering Manager at JPL Ingeniería y Consultoría

...For any company, excellence in its operations not only adds added value, but it is essential if it wants to continue in the market. Thinking is not an expense, it is an indispensable investment. So is managing processes. The BPM course at UPC School has shown me a methodology in which the entire knowledge of process management and how to implement BPM fits in any organisation in a structured way. Informatin technology tools make this work easier, such as IBM BlueWorksLive - a tool that I consider essential for projects of a certain size. But applying BPM in a company or organisation is not just a question of knowing how to use some software. The team of lecturers on this course, many of them from IBM, taught us how cooperation mechanisms between different departments are necessary to achieve this common goal. And in addition to mechanising many processes, many operations in companies will be carried out by people, and operations management (BPM) is applied to both types: automated operations and those carried out by people...

Eva Cebolla Country Staff Planning & Controlling at ABB

...My background is in Telecommunications Engineering, and I am currently working as an external technological consultant for the Port of Barcelona. I decided to do the course on BPM due to the growing demand in the field of business digitalization, and because of the great value that technology can bring to managing an organisation's processes. I met classmates from highly diverse functional areas, with complementary and very enriching perspectives, and teachers with extensive experience who showed me the real situation in the market using real examples. In short, I believe that it is an essential course for management professionals who are embarking on the path of business digitalization and process management...

Miguel Ángel Márquez Project Manager Senior

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