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Start   >  Open Talent  >  Open Talent "Light as Place Maker"
Date: 10-04-2024
Timetable: 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Location: Tech Talent Center (Badajoz, 73. Barcelona)

On Wednesday, April 10, at 7 p.m., a new session of the lecture series on architectural lighting that we organize from the UPC School will take place at the Tech Talent Center. On this occasion, we will have the international lighting designer Nevena Kovacevic.

This lecture examines the transformative role of lighting in urban development. It highlights how strategic lighting can revitalize underutilized and neglected spaces such as infrastructure constructions within urban environments, transforming them into vibrant destinations. Effective lighting enhances a local sense of identity, pride, and belonging, addressing community issues while improving residents' quality of life.

The session will demonstrate how lighting extends beyond its functional role, fostering community engagement and creating welcoming atmospheres, thus making urban areas more liveable and appealing to both residents and visitors. Emphasizing sustainable and thoughtful design, the lecture will explore how lighting is a key element in shaping urban spaces' character, contributing to a city's sense of place, and acting as a catalyst for regeneration and connectivity within the urban.

This Open Talent will be held in English.

The speaker

Nevena Kovacevic, founder of Lucilla Studio (Italy) and cofounder of Light Follows Behaviour (London).

Since 2014, she has been working to integrate urban lighting design with social research. Their design philosophy emphasizes lighting strategies and schemes that not only illuminate, but also inspire and empower, providing meaningful experiences for communities. Nevena takes urban lighting projects beyond mere lighting, encouraging direct engagement with cities and their inhabitants through immersive workshops and multidisciplinary collaboration, thus shaping the future vision and identity of urban environments.



This presentation is part of the annual conference cycle of the master's degree in Lighting Design. Architectural Lighting Design of the UPC School, sponsored by iGuzzini, Lutron and Vibia, leading companies in residential lighting.

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