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Start   >  10% discount on our training

The UPC School has opened the registration period for the training programmes that begin in the next academic course. If you register before 15 December 2021, you will receive a 10% discount on a wide selection of our master's degrees, postgraduate courses and other courses.

How to apply for the discount

You can apply for this discount if you apply for admission and make the first registration payment before the end date of the promotion. The discount is not cumulative, and cannot be used with other discounts and promotions.

Check the selection of master's degrees, postgraduate and other courses with a 10% discount:

Architecture, Urbanism and Building Construction
Master's degrees
  • Healthcare Architecture: Present and Future (Face-to-face) +info
  • Artificial Intelligence for Architectural Design (Blended learning) +info
  • Open BIM in Development and Project Management (Blended learning) +info
  • Open BIM in Development and Project Management (Online) +info
Postgraduate courses
  • Environmental Applications of GIS (Online) +info
  • Territorial Applications of GIS (Online) +info
  • Bioclimatic Architecture and Certifications: LEED, BREEAM, PASSIVHAUS and CTE (Face-to-face) +info
  • Bioclimatic Architecture and Certifications: LEED, BREEAM, PASSIVHAUS and CTE (Online) +info
  • Control of Facility Management Services (Online) +info
  • Architectural Design for Hospital Projects (Face-to-face) +info
  • Renewable Energy in Architecture (Face-to-face) +info
  • Green Infrastructures to GIS Applied (Blended learning) +info
  • Green Infrastructures to GIS Applied (Online) +info
  • Light and Architecture (Face-to-face) +info
  • Urban Environment And Sustainability (Face-to-face) +info
  • Open BIM in Modeling, Calculation and Simulation (Blended learning) +info
  • Open BIM in Modeling, Calculation and Simulation (Online) +info
  • Structural Projects (Online) +info
  • Structural Project (Face-to-face) +info
  • Water Systems to BIM Applied (Online) +info
  • Smart Cities: Urbanism, Technology and Sustainability (Face-to-face) +info
  • Tourism to GIS Applied (Blended learning) +info
  • Tourism to GIS Applied (Online) +info
  • Real Estate Valuation: Methods and International Models (Online) +info
Lifelong learning courses
  • Planning Environmental Assessment (Face-to-face) +info
  • BIM Applied to Water Systems (Online) +info
  • Urban Climate and Climate Change (Face-to-face) +info
  • Intensive International. Remaking Landscapes (Face-to-face) +info
  • Intensive International. Remaking Landscapes (Online) +info
  • Soil, Foundations and Containment Mechanics (Online) +info
  • Soil, Foundations and Containment Mechanics (Face-to-face) +info
  • New Construction Professional Project (Online) +info
  • New Construction Professional Project (Face-to-face) +info
  • Professional Project in Rehabilitation (Online) +info
  • Professional Project in Rehabilitation (Face-to-face) +info
  • GIS Applied to Green Infrastructures (Online) +info
  • GIS Applied to Tourism (Online) +info
  • Sustainable Urbanism (Face-to-face) +info
Civil Engineering
Postgraduate courses
  • Seismic Design and Retrofit of Buildings and Bridges (Online) +info
  • Smart Mobility: Intelligent Transport Systems (Face-to-face) +info
Industrial Engineering
Postgraduate courses
  • Automation of Systems (Face-to-face) +info
  • Components and Mecatronic Systems (Face-to-face) +info
  • Industrial Communications and PLC (Face-to-face) +info
  • Continuous Process Control (Face-to-face) +info
  • Product Engineering Project Development (PEPD) (Face-to-face) +info
  • Digital Energy (Face-to-face) +info
  • Design of Metallic and Polymeric Components (Blended learning) +info
  • Design of Robotic Systems (Blended learning) +info
  • Circular Economy. Tools and Strategies for Industrial Innovation (Face-to-face) +info
  • Energy Economics (Face-to-face) +info
  • Manufacturing Process Engineering (CAPE) (Face-to-face) +info
  • Additive Product Manufacturing (FARM) (Face-to-face) +info
  • Management and Optimization of Industrial Processes (Face-to-face) +info
  • Implementation of Robotization Projects (Face-to-face) +info
  • Industria Machine Learning (Face-to-face) +info
  • Industrial Internet of Things (Face-to-face) +info
  • Railway Facilities (Face-to-face) +info
  • Materialization of Models in Industry 4.0 (Online) +info
  • Advanced CAD Technician (TCAD) (Face-to-face) +info
  • Electric Vehicles and Other Propulsion Technologies (Face-to-face) +info
Lifelong learning courses
  • Connected Car & Digitization (Face-to-face) +info
  • Electrification and Energy (Face-to-face) +info
  • Maintenance of Installations of Heat Production, Cold Industrial, Hot Water, Fire and Water Treatment (Face-to-face) +info
  • Maintenance of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Installations (Face-to-face) +info
  • Facilities Maintenance and Repairs Media (Face-to-face) +info
  • Sign Post, Communication and Traffic Management (Face-to-face) +info
  • Autonomous Vehicle (ADAS) (Face-to-face) +info
  • Electric Vehicle (Face-to-face) +info
  • Railway Vehicles (Face-to-face) +info
  • Strategic Vision of the Circular Economy (Face-to-face) +info
Information and Communication Technologies
Postgraduate courses
  • 5G: Technologies, Services and Business Models (Online) +info
  • CIOs Executive Program (Blended learning) +info
  • Digital Transformation Leadership (Face-to-face) +info
  • Full-Stack Web Technologies (Online) +info
  • Full-Stack Web Technologies (Blended learning) +info
  • IT & Business Agility (Face-to-face) +info
  • Cybersecurity Planning and Management (Face-to-face) +info
Lifelong learning courses
  • Business Process Management (BPM) (Online) +info
  • Business Process Management (BPM) (Face-to-face) +info
  • Management and Project Management IT (Blended learning) +info
  • Computer Expertise and Forensic Technology (Face-to-face) +info
  • Computer Expertise and Forensic Technology (Online) +info
Business Management and Administration
Master's degrees
  • MBA en Business Analytics (Face-to-face) +info
Postgraduate courses
  • Organization and Engineering of Production and Management of Industrial Plants (Face-to-face) +info
  • Lean Six Sigma Improvement Programmes. Black Belt (Face-to-face) +info
  • Advanced Project Management (Face-to-face) +info