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Start   >  10% discount on our training

The UPC School has opened the registration period for the training programmes that begin in the next semester. If you register before 30 June 2019, you will receive a 10% discount on a wide selection of our master's degrees, postgraduate courses and other courses.

How to apply for the discount

You can apply for this discount if you apply for admission and make the first registration payment before the end date of the promotion. The discount is not cumulative, and cannot be used with other discounts and promotions.

Check the selection of master's degrees, postgraduate and other courses with a 10% discount:

Architecture, Urbanism and Building Construction
Master's degrees
  • Landscape Architecture +info
  • Architecture and the Environment: Urban Space, Light and Integration of Energy in Architecture +info
  • Architecture and Sustainability: Design Tools and Environmental Control Techniques +info
  • Design and Creation of Spaces +info
  • Architectural Structures Engineering +info
  • European Postgraduate Masters in Urbanism +info
  • Facility Management +info
  • Lighting Design +info
  • Parametric Design in Architecture +info
  • Urban Planning and Sustainability +info
  • Urban Design +info
  • Restoration of Architectural Monuments +info
  • Geographical Information Systems +info
Postgraduate courses
  • Structure Analysis +info
  • Structural Analysis and Steel +info
  • Structural Analysis and Concrete +info
  • Environmental Architecture And Urbanism +info
  • Interior Design +info
  • Public Space Project +info
  • Ephemeral Spaces and Radical Museology +info
  • Steel and Concrete Structures and Soil Mechanics +info
  • Forms of Analysis and Intervention in the Architectural Heritage +info
  • Facility Management Services +info
  • Spatial Planning +info
  • Designing The Region +info
  • Tecnologías SIG +info
Lifelong learning courses
  • Structural Analysis +info
  • Contemporary Projects Desing Critique +info
  • Steel Structures +info
  • Concrete Structures +info
  • Fuentes y Organización de los Datos Geoespaciales. Su Explotación y Tendencias Emergentes +info
  • International Intensive. Public Green Space +info
  • Mapas y Open Data: programación, organización y análisis de los Geodatos +info
  • Soil, Foundations and Containment Mechanics +info
  • Territorial Planning and Urban +info
Industrial Engineering
Master's degrees
  • Bodyworks and Automotive Materials +info
  • Enertronics +info
  • Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Equipment +info
  • Executive in Supply Chain Management. Operations and Logistics +info
  • Industry 4.0 +info
  • Mechatronics +info
  • Railway System and Electrical Drive +info
  • Smart Energy +info
Postgraduate courses
  • Machine Design Conditions and Regulations +info
  • Renewable Energies and Electrical Mobility +info
  • Mechanical Systems Engineering +info
  • Maintenance of Equipment and Installations +info
  • Materialization of Models in Industry 4.0 +info
  • Modeling and Simulation in Industry 4.0 +info
  • Conception, Design and Calculation of Mechanical, Electrical and Special Facilities +info
  • Smart Grids +info
  • Vehicles and Operation of Railway Services +info
Lifelong learning courses
  • Design and Calculation of Mechanical Installations +info
  • Design and Validation of Electronic Units +info
  • Electronic Information and Entertainment (Infotainment) +info
  • Facilities Maintenance and Power Media +info
  • Industrial Maintenance: Maintenance Management +info
  • Operation and Railway Services Development +info
  • Lighting and Signaling System in the Automobile +info
  • Energy Systems and Electromobility +info
Information and Communication Technologies
Master's degrees
  • Advanced Programming for AAA Video Games +info
  • Animation & Digital Arts for AAA Video Games +info
  • Big Data Management, Technologies and Analytics +info
  • Cybersecurity Management +info
  • e-Health Technology Innovation +info
  • Internet of Things (IoT) +info
  • IT Project & Service Management +info
  • Blockchain Technologies +info
Postgraduate courses
  • Artificial Intelligence with Deep Learning +info
  • Cyber ​​Attacks: Detection and Response +info
  • Digital Business Transformation: Strategy and Implementation +info
  • Digital Innovation for Business Development +info
  • Cybersecurity Planning and Management +info
  • Project & Quality Management +info
  • Service Management +info
  • Software Quality Assurance +info
Lifelong learning courses
  • Embedded Systems for the Automotive Industry +info
Business Management and Administration
Master's degrees
  • Business Management and Organization. MBA +info
  • Executive Master in Bussiness Administration (MBA) +info
  • Organization and Engineering of Production and Management of Industrial Plants (Engiplant) +info
  • Industrial and Services Project Management +info
Postgraduate courses
  • Quantitative Techniques for Financial Products +info
Health Sciences ant Technology
Master's degrees
  • Optometry and Visual Therapy +info
Naval, Marine and Nautical Engineering
Master's degrees
  • Shipping Business +info