Optometry and Visual Therapy

Master's degree. Semi-distance.


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Visual Therapy is a branch of optometry, which aims to develop and maximise the individual's visual abilities, and to integrate them with the other senses, working on an interdisciplinary basis with other health professionals. To achieve this, specific and personalised visual training programmes are designed for each patient, including the use of ophthalmic lenses, prisms, contact lenses and various materials for exercises in the optometric surgery and at home. Performing these exercises leads to an improvement in visual performance in the population (in children and adults).

The Master's degree in Optometry and Visual Therapy will provide all optometrists interested in training in new techniques in the field of advanced diagnosis of visual problems (binocular and accommodative disorders, strabismus, amblyopia and brain damage), and in the processing of visual information related to learning problems. Students will also receive training in scientific research techniques, creating added value for the optometric profession based on theoretical, practical and scientific foundations.

All the diagnostic and treatment techniques that are currently used in the visual therapies field will be studied on this master's degree course. They will be covered based on the scientific evidence available for each technique, as well as the professional experience of the various speakers.

The foundations of visual therapy and other knowledge related to vision and visual development, which enable multidisciplinary work in daily clinical practice, are taught on the bachelor's degree course in optics and optometry.

The master's degree will include international teaching staff who will contribute their expertise. It also includes clinical internships in optometric centres.


  • To develop a correct strategy for conducting an optometry and visual therapy consultation, implementing the diagnosis of any visual difficulty or disorder, and scheduling the treatment to improve or resolve the problem.
  • To design optometric projects based on the students' own clinical or academic experience for endorsement before the scientific community.
  • To implement communication strategies to facilitate interdisciplinary work.

Who is it for?

  • The Master's Degree is aimed at: 

    • Holders of diplomas in optics and optometry.
    • Graduates in optics and optometry.
    • University graduates (with official degrees) in the optometry field from other countries.

No preferable employment situation, position in the company or previous work experience is required for candidates, nor nationality or geographical origin.

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(360 teaching hours)

Start date:
Start date:07/10/2019 End date:30/06/2020
Monday  09:30 to 13:30  15:30 to 19:30Sunday  09:30 to 13:30  15:30 to 19:30
Taught at:
Facultat d'Òptica i Optometria de Terrassa - FOOT
c/ Violinista Vellsolà, 37

Centre Universitari de la Visió - CUV
Passeig del Vint-i-dos de Juliol, 660

Registration fee:
6.300 €

Language of instruction:
Spanish / English

Registration open until the beginning of the course or until end of vacancies.

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