EIT Urban Mobility offers scholarships for the lifelong learning course in New Trends on Urban Mobility

The lifelong learning course in New Trends on Urban Mobility is a project promoted and co-funded by the EIT Urban Mobility with the aim of promoting training of excellence in the urban mobility and automotive field. Within the framework of the project, EIT Urban Mobility offers scholarships that cover the 50% of the cost of registration fee to take the course during the 2022-2023 academic year.

The recipients of the scholarships program are:

  • City workers, specially from Barcelona, Bilbao and Stockholm.
  • Professionals from companies in the automotive sector and urban mobility areas.
  • Entrepreneurs that want to create a start-up in the field of urban mobility.
  • City workers, professionals and entrepreneurs from RIS countries.
  • Professionals with a university degree or demonstrable work experience who wish to develop their professional career and the urban mobility sector.

People who meet these profiles and are interested in applying for a scholarship must be previously admitted to the academic program and send:

  • Motivation letter, exposing the reasons for taking the course and adding information on the socio-economic conditions, if needed.
  • Academic or professional recommendation letters, if you have them.

The deadline to apply for these scholarships is the 16th September 2022.

The lifelong learning course in New Trends on Urban Mobility aims to teach professionals and entrepreneurs the key components of mobility transformation, to raise awareness of the challenges and assist institutions in adapting to this changing market, boosting EU competition, and ultimately providing citizens with the benefits of tech progress.

Partners of the project that organize the course are located in Spain, that is, Barcelona and Bilbao and Stockholm in Sweden. Students can attend face-to-face in Barcelona or online, thus, students from everywhere in the world are welcome.

For more information about the scholarship application procedures, you can contact the program technician by calling 93 112 08 70 or the programme’s information form.

This scholarship is incompatible with other scholarships and discounts offered by the UPC School and is not retroactive in any case.

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