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Start   >  Events  >  Open Class "Keys to a Sustainable Digital Transformation:...
Date: 06-06-2019
Timetable: 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Location: Tech Talent Center (Badajoz, 73. Barcelona)
Contact: 931146805

An Open Class is to be held at 18:00 on thursday 06-06-2019 at the Tech Talent Center (Badajoz, 73. Barcelona) on Postgraduate in Digital Innovation for Business Development.

An Openclass with Alfredo Ávila, Financial Services Managing Director at Accenture.

Technology is transforming the world of business at an unprecedented rate. Did you know that there are now 100% digital products in apparently traditional sectors, such as banking? All companies – both new and not so new - must meet the urgent challenge of digital transformation.

Living in 2019 means having the privilege of witnessing unprecedented changes in organisations:

  • The revolution in the omni-channel relationship between customers and organisations that is changing the value chain.
  • The disappearance of intermediaries.
  • The elimination of boundaries between sectors and industries.
  • The transformation towards relevant services and experiences in the search for sustainability.
  • Overcoming traditional physical barriers in a globalised world.
  • The transformation of business models to information management in Data-Driven Organizations.
These are just a few examples of what is taking place in sectors including real estate, banking, etc. All industries, without exception, must comply with the general data protection regulation (GDPR), ethics in the use of technologies and adopt new standards and rules of the game.

Both issues have a profound impact on organisations, as they shift to practically liquid organisational and management models, with all the implications that those models entail. The workforce must also be transformed, as a catalyst for this era. Whether they like it or not, organisations must think about how to implement adapted programmes to coordinate all the variables and not lose competitiveness.

Are you ready to find out about and be part of this new world, in which change is the only constant?

This event is open and free. To attend, please confirm using the "I Will attend" form below. Limited places.