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"I mean Blockchain as the new Internet and we will be the protagonists because we have talent and market"
Aleix Puig Pascual, CEO off Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem and coordinator of Máster en Tecnologias Blockchain
"With the revolution in artificial intelligence, good engineers and creative minds will be needed to cope with new technical, ethical and legal challenges"
Cristian Canton, Facebook. Engineering Manager (Computer Vision for Integrity) applied to detecting unlawful content.
"Logistics is the engine of our economy. Its challenges for the future are integration with sustainability, digitalisation and new disruptive transport systems"
Carles Rúa, head of strategic projects and innovation at the Port de Barcelona.
"The key to professional success lies in enterprise, surrounding yourself with the best talent"
Juan Zamora, CEO & Co-Founder at Signaturit.
"3D printing is marking the digital transformation of the industry. Today it is already the viable alternative to traditional production and manufacturing methods"
Ramon Pastor, HP Sant Cugat Campus General Manager & World Wide General Manager of HP's 3D Printing Business
"People come first. Without investing in them it is impossible to innovate with purpose"
Guayente Sanmartín, Vice President &General Manager HP Large Format Business
"We need to rethink our model of inhabiting the world. That means considering architecture and urban planning from a new perspective, focused on people and based on their diversity"
Zaida Muxí, Doctor of Architecture. Professor of Urbanism at UPC and Expert in Gender, Architecture and Urbanism.
"Artificial intelligence is a reality at the service of humanity. We need expert professionals to get machines helps us to confront social challenges of the future"
Elisenda Bou, CTO & Cofounder at Vilynx
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